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What is the G3ODE ?

The G3ODE is a mind-bending software-based puzzle with a 3D graphical interface.

The puzzle is a polyhedron with tiles covering all facets but one. Each tile has two distinctively coloured sides. Any of the 3 tiles adjacent to the empty facet can be flipped into that space.

In colour-only mode, the puzzle is solved when all tiles are flipped such that the surface of the puzzle is all one colour. In decal mode, similar to a jigsaw, the puzzle is solved when all tiles are arranged such that the image is reconstituted on the surface of the puzzle.

How much does it cost ?

Nothing. The G3ODE software is offered to you absolutely free of charge. Get a copy of the latest version from the download page.

How do I solve it ?

Patience and a little deep thought should see you through.

Where does it come from ?

The G3ODE puzzle software was developed by Nicholas Quaine in 2007. It sprang from a 1994 brainstorm between himself and Dominic Jaeger, motivated by a desire to find the next Rubik's Cube. It was originally envisaged as a physical hand-held puzzle, but after many years in the difficult-to-build folder, a software-based puzzle was created instead.